About Us

A warm and caring learning environment for children aged 3 to 11 years old
Wilmslow Prep is a small independent preparatory school with a big reputation. The School is located in the heart of Wilmslow in Cheshire.

Wilmslow Prep first opened its doors in 1909, when the school was located on Grove Street in Wilmslow where it remained until its move to Grove Avenue in 1912. At this time the school was mixed, becoming an all-girls school in 1961.

The school remained all-girls until April 2013 when we introduced boys once again. Boys were initially invited into Kindergarten, Reception and Form 1. These boys will now progress up through the school until all year groups are co-educational.

Unique single sex proposition
We are, however, still strongly committed to single sex education and its proven benefits to children’s learning and development. For this reason, from Form 3 (age 7/8 years), which will initially be in September 2015, the boys and girls will be taught separately for the key core subjects, (including Maths and English). This will enable teaching to focus on the individual learning needs of boys and girls separately, allowing us to prepare them for the next stage of their school life – entrance to senior school.

Ours is a small, inclusive school where each pupil is nurtured as an individual, and encouraged and inspired to achieve their very best, inside and outside the classroom.

In this special learning environment, based on small class sizes and the needs of the individual, pupils do exceptionally well, achieving attainments significantly beyond national expectations.

We also pride ourselves on our programme of sport, music, arts and extra curricular activities, and the traditional values of courtesy and good manners that we instil in our pupils.

At Wilmslow Prep your child will be stimulated and developed and their social skills will be enhanced, ensuring that when they leave WPS they will be fully prepared for the next and vital stage of their education.