Gifted & Talented

We enable our gifted and talented children to achieve their potential and reach levels of excellence. Our definition of Gifted and Talented is: “A child with exceptional potential and / or performance across a wide range of abilities” that might include general intellectual, specific academic, creative thinking, social, musical or artistic.

The Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator ensures that we meet the needs of gifted and talented pupils by monitoring pupil progress, identifying those with such gifts and talents and setting up Individual Education Plans. Internal testing, as well as teacher appraisals, is considered when trying to pinpoint and monitor gifted and talented pupils. Through this process, we enable children to reach high levels of excellence academically and in sport, music and the arts.

Those with a flair for music, drama and sport are encouraged to train and participate at county, regional and national levels. Differentiation is provided in lessons to stimulate pupils’ sense of enquiry and to encourage their investigative skills.

We believe it is crucial to identify these children as early as possible to avoid the onset of boredom and frustration. Therefore, a register of such pupils is updated annually and staff are asked both to provide additional stimulus within lessons and to look for enrichment opportunities elsewhere. The school makes use of such events as mathematics and science challenges, drama workshops and national-level sporting occasions to enrich and stimulate individual pupils.