What The Children Think

We’ll be getting feedback from the children on a regular basis to make sure our customers are happy!

Thank you for making us such yummy lunches and thank you for helping me with my allergies.

To Mrs Cook and Mrs Bryne, I love the roast dinner and all the dishes. Love.

My favourite lunch is chicken curry because it’s delicious.

My favourite school dinner is roast dinner and my favourite pudding is cherry crumble. They’re delicious. They are my favourites because I love the gravy and the cherries.

I like Mrs Byrne and Mrs Cook because they are very nice and they cook delicious food for us. My favourite pudding is cherry crumble and my favourite dinner is chicken curry.

I like the cherries, cheese and potatoes.

The dinners are so yummy and scrummy, you should try them!. They’re delicious.

My favourite lunch is roast dinner and rice pudding because the potatoes are very crunchy and I like rice pudding because I like rice.

I like the hot dogs because I like the sausage.