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Mental Health Awareness Week

Talking to our loved ones about our Mental Health and Well-Being has never been so important.

This week was Mental Health Awareness Week, and whilst at WPS we recognise all year round how vital this is, we took this opportunity to complete an amazing range of activities with the children…

The following books are always available and have been looked at by Prep 1 this week with lovely discussions…
I am Enough, by Grace Byers
Ruby’s Worry, by Tom Percival
The Worrysaurus, by Rachel Bright


Prep 2 discussed being at one with nature; how being outside in the fresh air and doing exercise makes us all feel good.
They sat outside and thought of…

5 things they could see
4 things they could feel
3 things they could hear
2 things they could smell
1 thing they could taste

They also practised breathing techniques, discussing how these can be used outside (or inside) to chase worries away whilst being at one with nature.

Spending time in nature, or bringing nature into our lives helps us look after our mental health…Prep 3 designed wonderful posters to encourage others to feel close to nature.

The children of Prep 5 enjoyed making plant pots from plastic bottles and filling them with bedding plants.
It’s amazing how such a fun, yet simple activity, bringing nature into our learning, can have such a positive effect on children’s well-being.

We also…

Sung and danced to ‘Happiness’ by Ken Dodd
Made emotions lego
Designed posters to encourage others to do all they can to feel close to nature
Cloud watching
Searched for signs of nature
Planted flowers
Had circle time outside
Watched mental health and well-being assemblies
Reading outside
Our Well Being Club’s theme this week was ‘Relax and Breathe’ and they enjoyed lunch outside under the canopy.
Den building

…and so much more!

Many of these activities took place in our fabulous outdoor learning areas, so the children could really benefit from engagement with nature and all the positives this brings.

Thank you to all the WPS Team, children and families who, as always, went above and beyond!