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Thank you to our parents who have been commenting and writing in over the past week. 

Here are a few recent testimonials:


“I think we sometimes forget how hard teachers work to support, inspire and educate our children. During these testing times we can now understand and appreciate the immense work that goes in to preparing and delivering classes every day. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at WPS for the innovation and lateral thinking in keeping our children on track and recreating the “buzz” of being back at School, though virtual learning. Stay safe and well and let’s look forward to better times!”


“WPS is a very special school. Time and again we are reminded of this fact, but during this crisis the way everyone has pulled together so selflessly is exemplary. We are privileged to be part of the WPS community!”


“I wanted to thank everyone for selflessly continuing to work so hard to support the children and their parents through this difficult time. I understand that members off staff will be experiencing the same concerns/worries about the virus and for their loved ones who are vulnerable, along with adapting to a new way of life – so to continue to be so committed to the pupils/parents is something that they should all be very proud of. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone!”


“B is enjoying seeing his class friends, and of course you.  The structure works well for him and us as home schooling parents. You and your colleagues at WPS are doing a great job in managing this and keeping us parents informed.  We are very lucky. Keep up your great work. There is a lovely spirit between the school, teachers, children and parents to get through this together.  It’s a team effort.”


“Just wanted to pass on my thanks to you for a great first week back at ‘school’. My daughter has really enjoyed it and the structure is working really well for her. Having the zoom calls is definitely a huge help to keep her focused and motivated. I certainly really appreciate all the hard work it must take from you.”


“The Maths sessions run by Mr Lalley are excellent. He runs the session as if the children are sat in front of him in the classroom. We think he is a great asset to the School. He’s been instrumental in my daughter’s journey and embracing my son’s exceptional maths abilities right from the start.”


“Thank you for all your hard work in setting up these virtual lessons and home learning activities. These zoom sessions are great and definitely giving my child more structure. Thank you.”


“I just wanted to say thank you and well done to you all. I think the virtual schooling is going great and having that structure, routine and contact is soo valuable. Hats off to you all – I know it can’t be easy but I think you have been amazing in setting up all the work and virtual systems so quickly. I love google classroom and feel this is working really well.  It has helped me as a parent to play my part in the home schooling with confidence.   I want to say a big thank you to Mrs Ricketts. Form 2 have managed to successfully complete an online spelling test, a maths test as well as the other work which I think is just brilliant. I feel as though my child can maintain her learning and is not losing out too much because of the lockdown.”


“I just wanted to say how fantastic Mrs Binding’s zoom lessons are. We are absolutely loving them. My son is so happy during them, and talks about what he’s learnt for the rest of the day. (He’s currently singing the current bun song over and over!).  I just wanted to pass on my feedback. Mrs Binding is excellent, under the very strenuous task of managing zoom, technology and 4 year olds long distance, I am in awe.  Thank you for setting these up for us, they have provided much needed positivity and structure in these uncertain times. Very best wishes.”


“I wanted to say that I’ve been very impressed with the zoom lessons in general since they started, and am grateful for how the school has continued to provide a good level of education and support to enable us to do the homeschooling. It has been beneficial to have a structure to follow for the day and I feel we are now in a good routine with the workload.  Of course, it’s not the same as actually being in school, and hopefully it won’t be too long until my she can be back with there with her friends in the classroom.”


“Thank you to all the staff at WPS for working so hard to continue the education for the children. We love hearing Mrs Milne’s lessons over Zoom, and think she is truly amazing for being able to get all the children so wonderfully engaged in their learning. My daughter says she’s a star!”


“Form 6 says a big thank you to the teachers and that we really appreciate all the hard work that you are doing. In the rush of zoom we have no time to say this but it’s really important to underline how amazing you are.”


What Children have said about Home Learning

“Online learning is a new and exciting experience.”

“I love doing online classes.  I really appreciate that our teachers are spending their time to do lessons with us so we don’t miss out on fun activities and lessons while this crisis goes on. It is not the same as school but I am really getting used to this life style. It is really awesome and great to stay in contact with our friends, especially while we can get bored! I really thank the teachers for this privilege.”