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What WPS parents are saying…



I’m sure that I wasn’t alone when my heart sunk during Boris Johnson’s announcement, on the 4 January 2021, that schools would close until late February. However, I was in the fortunate position that this reaction arose based solely on my child’s pure love of WPS (a child who stated that “Christmas Day was the best day ever.. but it would have been so much better if I could have gone to school!”) and was not based on any fear that my child would cease to receive an outstanding education. WPS’s exceptional remote learning provision truly is ‘school at home’ allowing for the same joyful community spirit, that is at the heart of WPS, along with a replica of the differentiated, engaging and interactive teaching that is received in the classroom.

The tireless dedication of the WPS team has enabled my child to continue to flourish.

Across the board from the Head Teacher, Senior Management Team, form teacher and individual subject teachers – your child is sincerely known as an individual and provision, support and care are provided on a personal level to not only the pupil but also to their parents/carers.

Communication with my child’s form teacher, and the whole team at WPS, has been exceptional. I have received prompt responses to email queries, no matter the hour, and tailored educational provision provided on a daily basis to run alongside the outstanding live Zoom lessons.

My child has received not only a full and enriching curriculum remotely but has been challenged, motivated, encouraged and is continuing to be excited to learn and progress.

The importance that WPS place on your child’s overall well-being, in addition to their robust education, is something that should be revered. My child has participated remotely in numerous whole school activities/challenges that lie outside of the National Curriculum yet unquestionably enhance it. During the Big Garden Birdwatch my child had the excitement of seeing her form teacher show a real birds nest via Zoom, she enjoyed a whole afternoon outdoors participating in the 100 Challenge in the memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore (where each child was encouraged to use their imagination to create their own challenge – this was not only a lot of fun but also a fantastic way to enhance and develop a deeper understanding of the topics covered in Mental Health Week) along with engaging in the WPS Reading Challenge which has served to ignite an expansive passion for books/reading. The Head Teacher dressing up as a dragon for the school assembly whilst showing his eyeball via Zoom, to embed an understanding of what being individual means, is something that will not be forgotten – what a fabulous way to engage young children remotely.

The remote learning provision provided by WPS has been nothing short of remarkable. The whole ethos of the school seamlessly transitioned over into the homes of all the pupils providing not only an outstanding education but also maintaining the team spirit and motivation that the children are accustomed to experiencing within the school.

During times as difficult as these it has been such a relief to know that, without question, my child has not only progressed at the same rate academically but has also maintained the same enthusiasm, love of learning and community feel with equivalence as though physically in school.

I have always said that the greatest gift I will ever give to my child is her being part of the WPS family. This statement stands true whether WPS is operating remotely or traditionally.

I am, of course, looking forward to seeing my child run into school again with a face filled with joy – from my child’s perspective every day at WPS is superior to a day at Disney Land! To educate a child to such high standards whilst maintaining their love of school and learning is such an phenomenal achievement but to continue to achieve this remotely is truly astonishing.