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Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 100 Challenge

During lessons, teachers have been talking to pupils about Captain Sir Tom Moore’s amazing achievements.

Pupils were asked to describe him. They chose a plethora of adjectives including amazing, loyal, brave and determined, with the word ‘inspiring’ being the most popular.

This inspired us all to do our own ‘100 challenge’. Here are a few examples of what we have been up to…

At school, we are planting 100 bulbs.

Brothers in Prep 3 and 6 were given 100 random pieces of Lego and were challenged to come up their own workable Lego design. They both designed ‘troop transporters’.

Ted from Prep 1 has chosen to do 100 spins on the spin bike.

All of the children in Prep 3 are painting 100 pebbles and stones and placing them around the Carrs Park in Wilmslow to cheer people up on their walks.

Jacob from Prep 1 is doing 100 minutes of DJ’ing.

Ellie doing some of her 100 dance moves.

Betsy’s (from Prep 1) challenge was to hug 100 trees and complete a different Ninja move. With the posters that she made, she hopes to make 100 people smile.

Coby will be doing 100 daily star jumps.

William from Prep 1 has created 100 pages of drawings in his Number Blocks notepad.

More of Pre 3’s 100 pebbles in the park.

Darcie in Prep 5 giving her Giant African Land snail 100 strokes on his shell.