WPS stands out at prep school level having a state of the art, stand alone sports hall. This provides a fabulous learning environment for our children and also provides fantastic flexibility in all weather teaching.

Pupils enjoy participation in many sports; your child will be introduced to sports such as hockey, tennis, netball, rugby, athletics, cross country, football, cricket, judo, fencing, yoga and dance.

Our pupils consistently achieve outstanding sporting success at local, regional and national level and many continue to do so during their later years in school, university years and beyond.

We enjoy excellent relationships with many local sports clubs and have connections with several clubs including Wilmslow Hockey Club and Alderley Edge Cricket Club.

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Upcoming Fixtures

Activity Date Fixture
Netball 25/09/2019 F5 & F6 Netball Festival v St Mary's Hall
Hockey 26/09/2019 F3 Hockey v Pownall Hall
Football 27/09/2019 F4 Football Festival
Run for Fun 30/09/2019 Run for Fun
Netball 02/10/2019 F5 &F6 Netball v Terra Nova
Football 04/10/2019 F3 Football Festival
Netball 08/10/2019 F3 High 5 Netball v Terra Nova
Sports 09/10/2019 F5 & F6 Fixture v Branwood
Football 11/10/2019 F1 & F2 Football Festival
Sports 15/10/2019 F3 & F4 Fixture v Branwood
Netball 04/11/2019 U8 Netball Festival Pownall Hall
Netball 05/11/2019 F4 High 5 Netball v Terra Nova
Netball 13/11/2019 F5 & F6 Netball v Greenbank
Swimming 16/11/2019 ISA Swimming Gala
Netball/Football 19/11/2019 F3 & F4 Netball/Football v Pownall Hall
Netball/Football 20/11/2019 F5 & F6 Netball/Football v Pownall Hall
Netball/Football 26/11/2019 F3 & F4 Netball/Football v The Ryleys
Netball/Football 27/11/2019 F5 & F6 Netball/Football v The Ryleys