Dietary requirements are catered for within the same meal choices so children all eat the same meal as their friends.

For instance, children with a vegetarian or Halal diet will be served the same meal but with a Quorn or Halal meat alternative, respectively.

If you have any questions or concerns please telephone School and ask to speak to our Catering Manager, Ms Byrne.

Nutrition and Health

At Wilmslow Preparatory School, we know that children need to eat well balanced, nutritional meals every day. What children eat today shapes how they’ll eat for the rest of their lives and eating good food is one of life’s real pleasures. We pride ourselves knowing that our children eat highly nutritious, delicious food every day.

Wilmslow Preparatory School has a long and successful tradition of providing food of the highest quality at snack and meal times. Fresh fruit is available every day for the children, and we change our menu every 2 weeks, to ensure we provide a varied diet.

Miss Byrne and the entire kitchen staff are always on hand to discuss any dietary issues or concerns with parents, and recipes are also available for anyone who would like them.

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