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Flat Stan First Aid

It was a pleasure to welcome Simon from Flat Stan First Aid to WPS.

Throughout the day, he delivered the Essential Life Skills course to all of our KS2 pupils within their separate bubbles, and it was fantastic to see the children getting involved and asking and answering lots of questions.

During the workshops, the children were taught valuable skills about how to recognise a variety of first aid situations, how to deal with them and how to summon help.

Some of the key skills included: how to get help; how to check if someone is breathing; how to deliver chest compressions; how to help someone who is choking or bleeding and how to help someone who has suffered a burn.

Every child received a Flat Stan First Aid book and a certificate, which they were able to take home and share with their parents.

A huge thank you to the Parents’ Committee for their support and for funding this brilliant opportunity, and for the lovely feedback from parents after the event!