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Letter from Reception parents

We received this amazing letter from our Reception parents and it means so much to us to have this kind of feedback.

The parents wrote,

Dear All, 

We are writing to you all at WPS to express our gratitude for all that you have achieved over the past few months.

The challenges we have faced in our personal lives in recent times have been unprecedented. It has been of huge comfort that we have been able to rely on the safe environment that you have created at WPS over the past few months.

During the early days of lockdown you quickly adapted to ensure that our children continued to be educated at home, whether it be through innovative and varied homework, or the excellent daily “Zoom” sessions. We also quickly realised how difficult teaching can be, as we grappled with home-schooling!

Of course, Reception children returned to WPS on 1st June (as soon as it was possible, bearing in mind Government guidelines). You ensured that the school was as safe as it could be, by embracing change and adapting to new ways of working. As parents, it is so comforting to us that we can have confidence in the school environment during these difficult times.

It was also very apparent that despite all the changes, our children felt perfectly comfortable in their new surroundings. This is a reflection of the great efforts that you have made to ensure that the children quickly adapted. Also, by giving them a taste of Form 1, the transition in September will be easier; some of them are already looking forward to the new school year!

We recognise the hard work all of you have put in, demonstrating great patience, adaptability and even ingenuity. We wanted to thank everyone who works at WPS, whatever their roles. We didn’t know how best to do this, so to thank the whole school we’ve decided to make a contribution to the Parents’ Committee. Hopefully benefiting the school, and hence the children, is a common goal for all.

Thank you to all of you, who have exceeded our expectations.

From all Reception children parents.