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Shropshire Falconry visits WPS!

We wanted the children to have an incredible experience after this extraordinary year.

Just in time for the end of the School year, the birds from Shropshire Falconry came out of lockdown and paid WPS a visit!

We were very proud of them as they performed brilliantly and of our Prep 3 children who behaved impeccably to help the birds with their first school visit after lockdown – especially the baby owls who were on their first-ever school visit.

The birds were exhausted by the end and were fast asleep.

We all loved this event – quotes from the children…

“Biscuit the owl even had the confidence to take to the stage!”

“We loved all the majestic birds!”

“We were so lucky as my friend and I had a cute, fluffy, chirpy, cheeky chick climb on our laps.”

“My favourite part was when Biscuit the Owl landed on my hand. It was scary but exciting!”

“It was magical!”

“I was amazed by the majestic eagle, Paco, when it came out of the cage. Its wings were as wide as a valley.”

“I loved when Chris the beautiful owl landed on my arm because it was amazing!”

“A huge thank you to Shropshire Falconry and the amazing Lisa because we all learnt lots of facts and really loved our experience.”