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WPS supports Project Wingman at Wythenshawe Hospital

As Covid-19 left a lot of airline workers out of a job, many of them have turned their flight attendant skills to good use and have created “first class lounges” for healthcare staff at Wythenshawe Hospital.

The new lounges are designed to provide a space for NHS staff to unwind, de-compress and de-stress before, during and after hospital shifts.

When Wilmslow Prep heard that they were looking for artwork to decorate the new lounges, our pupils got straight to work and created some bright, cheerful pictures, which are now displayed on the walls in the new lounge!

Nicky Jackson, a local Wilmslow resident and part of the Wingman team, was happy to accept our artwork. She said, “A huge thank you to all the children and yourselves for the wonderful artwork. They’ve really brightened the place up, just lovely.”

Helen Rigby, Headteacher at WPS said, “We are very proud of our pupils for creating such bright, cheerful, and beautiful artwork for the new lounge at Wythenshawe Hospital. It is incredible to see how the airline industry is acting as a force for good during these very worrying times, and we are more than happy to play a part in bringing some cheer to those on the front lines.”