BROADENING MINDS AND CREATING A WIDER VISION THE EARLY YEARS - LET SCHOOL LIFE BEGIN! In Wilmslow Prep’s EarlyYears we offer our children a happy, caring and purposeful learning environment.We recognise the uniqueness of each child and their family backgrounds, and nurture this within our own environment to ensure we are developing confident, independent learners who have consideration for others and the world around them. Our small, well-staffed Kindergarten setting offers a flexible Foundation Stage programme, which allows parents to choose sessions which suit their needs and those of their child, and enables them to move seamlessly into the full time Reception class. The children discover work and play in a kind, friendly atmosphere, and we help guide their first steps towards independence. EarlyYears pupils are introduced to the fundamental elements of reading, writing and mathematics.They also enjoy music, drama, Spanish and PE lessons.The children are taught the values of polite manners, good behaviour and courtesy. Most importantly they are happy and relish WPS school life, becoming fully engaged in their individual learning journey. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT Right from the start of each child’s school life we foster close links with parents and carers through regular, informal contact. We encourage and value parental involvement in their child’s learning and development through our open door policy, learning journeys, weekly updates and information sessions.