Parent Survey

Dear Parents

Re: Wilmslow Prep Parent Survey 2016


Many thanks to those of you who took part in our parental survey at the end of the summer term.
This is the third survey we have conducted over the past eight years and, once again, the results have confirmed what we know about WPS, that this is a very special School.


In summarising the results the researchers said, WPS is a warmly regarded school providing an excellent education. The School has continued to build on the positive findings recorded previously in the 2008 and 2010 surveys.


Parents particularly value the welcoming, supportive and nurturing approach of the School.


“Many of the individual features of the School, across a wide range of aspects, are rated as ‘very good’ by a significantly higher proportion of parents than at other prep day schools we have previously tested.”


As we said when we wrote to you about the survey, it is important for the Governors and staff that the decisions we make about improving and developing Wilmslow Prep School are informed by parents’ opinions. The survey was conducted by RSAcademics, a respected consultancy within the independent schools sector.


A summary of the results is attached and I am sure you will be as pleased as we were to see that the proportion of parents who feel completely satisfied with the School is excellent and place WPS within the top 5 out of all the 49 prep day schools across the country tested previously in the RSAcademics Parent Survey.


The survey did not identify any major areas of weakness but we will pay special attention to the suggested areas for development that you did raise. Interestingly, 18% of parents did not feel there were any aspects that required improvement which, according to RSAcademics, is unprecedented.

Some of you feel we need to improve the provision of sports opportunities and facilities, IT systems, extra-curricular clubs and the clarity and consistency in the setting of homework.


Please rest assured that we are not sitting back on our laurels and that these areas will be reviewed in detail, so that we can continue to enhance the already excellent, overall educational experience WPS provides for your child. Following more detailed analysis of your comments we may come back to you to discuss some of these areas in further depth.


Thank you once again for your continued support.


Yours sincerely




Diana Stephenson