Parent Testimonials

Mr & Mrs Brassington October 2016

WPS is a school where children really matter; it is a school with small class sizes where each individual student is given the opportunity to achieve his or her greatest potential. It is a place where a fully rounded education is central to the schools values and the senior management team is continually seeking to implement improvements in order to ensure that the children receive only the best education possible at all times. For us the most important thing is that our children have been very happy with their journey at The Prep.

Recent Facebook posts 2014

Suki Birchenough: WPS has provided a wonderful experience for my daughter who started in kindergarten. With a great set of teaching staff and pastoral care offered. It has given her the ability to achieve her potential in all music, sports and of course academically. This has led to her being able pass all exams and choose her preferred senior school. I wish WPS continued success and recommend that if you are considering an independent prep school for your child please arrange a show round.

Hannah Young: My primary school foundations at WPS were the best I could have wished. With great staff, all children will excel! Thanks to WPS I have made great friends for life and had great opportunities

Louise Broome: With the right foundations put in place by the caring and nurturing staff at the Prep my daughter has realised her childhood dream of becoming a midwife. Thank you for helping her to believe she could shoot for the stars and reach the moon and beyond.


Rachel McKeand October 2016

When our son started in the Reception class, his speech and communication skills had been slow to mature, and as a result, he could be anxious and shy. Fast forward three years, and he has flourished both academically and socially. He now joyfully participates in all the school activities, and has even achieved a Distinction in his English Speaking Board assessments! We have been extremely touched by the dedication of all his teachers. They have not only encouraged a love of learning, but have shown him how, sometimes, courage and tenacity can help you overcome the most overwhelming of challenges. We can’t imagine a better preparation for senior school and adult life.

Andrew & Joanne Culley March 2013

Lydia’s time at WPS has been exceptional and the support you and all the teachers have given to her has been wonderful. We will have no hesitation in recommending the school to any other prospective parents.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you and everyone at the school all the very best for the future.

Kind regards

Andrew and Joanne Culley

Nicole Sawer – Jubilee Tea Party June 2012

Dear Mr Reynolds,

Just a quick mail to say how much I enjoyed the fantastic event that WPS organised on Tuesday. I know that often us parents are quick to point out failings and I wanted you to know that I and many others thought it was a wonderful afternoon which was really well thought out and executed. The girls loved it too and it definitely represents why we all love WPS.

Thank you to all involved.

I hope you have a relaxing week off.

Kind Regards

Nicole Sawer

Linda and Grant Hendry – Jubilee celebrations June 2012

Dear Mr Reynolds,

Georgina has had a fantastic week enjoying all of the Jubilee Celebrations WPS organised and it has been a wonderful way to learn more about the culture and history of our country.

All of the activities were interesting and exciting. It was a pleasure to be able to come the Jubilee tea party on Tuesday afternoon. The playground was beautifully decorated and it was lovely to see everyone having so much fun, especially the girls! 

Please pass on our thanks to everyone at school for the planning, preparation and for making it all happen so smoothly. We very much appreciate the effort people have gone to to make it such a special week, Georgina loved all of it!

 Kind regards,

Linda and Grant Hendry

 Georgina wanted to send this message too – ‘I really enjoyed this week. I never thought I would see the Olympic torch! I loved Wibbly Wobbly Jelly Belly Flop by Steve Hartley and I loved Sue coming in and talking about the Queen. I thought it was really cool when we dressed up for the photo booth at the Jubilee Party and the playground looked AM-A-ZING!!! Thank you sooooo much!’ Georgina

February 2012 – Tony & Jackie King

28th February 2012

 Dear Mr Reynolds,

Miranda’s exam and scholarship results

As you may already be aware, Miranda has been offered places at all the senior schools that she sat exams for: Withington,ManchesterHigh Schoolfor Girls, Stockport Grammar and King’s Macclesfield. She has also been offered music scholarships atManchesterHigh Schoolfor Girls and King’s Macclesfield.

 We are delighted with these results and would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to yourself and all your staff for the hard work and support provided to Miranda. In particular could you convey our special thanks to Mrs Hughes, Miss Ramsey, Mrs Rundell and Madame Ward for helping prepare her for her exams and interviews.

 Ever since Miranda started at Wilmslow Prep in 2004 (Lower Kindergarten), we have always been impressed with the school’s approach to her education and these results provide confirmation of that. Thank you all.

 Yours Sincerely

 Tony and Jackie King

January 2012 – Linda & Grant Hendry

We chose Wilmslow Prep to provide our daughter’s education because of the warm, nurturing and caring environment evident when we first visited the school. The emphasis was on each pupil attaining her best with a clear recognition that the girls are all individuals.

Our daughter joined in Reception and the benefits we believed she would enjoy at WPS have been surpassed. She has excellent relationships with all of her form and subject teachers and her education has been delivered in an engaging and enthusiastic manner.

Work is of a high standard, the walls around the school display beautiful artwork and music is a key part of life in the school. 

Wilmslow Prep is a special, happy and lively school which we believe is providing an excellent foundation for our daughter’s future education after Year 6.

Kind regards,

Linda & Grant Hendry

November 2011 – Andrew & Claire Gosnay

We would like to thank you for the wonderful support given by WPS to Emma and ourselves when considering secondary school options and in preparing for the entrance exam process.  The choice of secondary schools is fantastic but rather overwhelming!   We really appreciated the unbiased and honest opinions of yourself and Emma’s teachers.  We have always felt that you have a fantastic understanding of both our daughters, and this proved to be invaluable in Year 6.

When we relocated four years ago, Emma and Lucy were very sad to be leaving their old school.  We chose WPS on the basis of the lovely warm, nurturing environment to ease the transition!  Little did we know that this small girls’ school could provide a platform for such diverse activities.

As you know, Emma has achieved academically, having a full choice of secondary schools with several scholarships.  She has represented the North of England in National Cross Country and qualified for National Athletics.  She has had the benefit of an amazing Music Department with outstanding peripatetic music teachers, enabling her success at the Alderley Edge Festival and selection for a Masterclass with the Halle Orchestra.

Within a few weeks of joining WPS, Emma announced “I love my new school.  I feel that I can be myself.”  We are delighted at the way in which Emma has developed into such a confident but understated individual, with an amazing “can do” attitude.  She has settled quickly and happily into her secondary school, and has already played solo in assembly, without any apprehension.  I am convinced that this is the result of being able to perform confidently in all areas of the curriculum at WPS, on a much smaller stage in a safe, caring environment.

Many thanks to you and the wonderful team at WPS.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew and Claire Gosnay

July 2011 – Peter Stephenson

Dear Mr Reynolds,

Meredith has recently completed her time in Form 5 (having been at the WPS since Lower Kindergarten). Her progress this year has been impressive and she is now stronger in all areas of the curriculum – our thanks must go to her subject teachers and in particular to Madame Ward, her Form teacher. Her participation in an ever-growing list of sports and extra-curricular activities is also having a positive effect on her confidence! She’s currently enjoying a well earned rest!


P. Stephenson

July 2011 – Pamela Catterson

Dear Mr Reynolds,

It is with much sadness that I confirm our intention to take Eleanor out of Wilmslow Prep at the end of the summer term 2011. As per our recent conversation , this is entirely due to a work relocation to the South East and not a reflection of the school.

We are absolutely delighted with Eleanor’s progress since joining the school at a mere 2 1/2 years old. She is performing brilliantly and has developed a confidence she did not have in her very early years. It is testament to the teaching staff and school culture that Eleanor has always enjoyed every aspect of school life and she is generally a very happy little girl who loves learning. I know Eleanor will be devastated when we inform her of our intention to move – she will miss the school, her valued friendships and teachers. It will be hard to find another school which can provide not only the academic standards we believe Eleanor is capable of achieving but also the warm, nurturing, inclusive and fun environment that is to be found at WPS.

WPS is a fantastic school which has exceeded our expectations and we, as parents, will miss the warm community of parents and teachers. We could not have asked for more from Eleanor’s important early years at school and we thank you sincerley for ensuring that our daughter moves forward with a solid and positive educational experience to build on.

Yours sincerely

Pamela Catterson

May 2010 – Cerys Owen

Dear Mr Reynolds

I was Head Girl at Wilmslow Prep in the year of 2004 and left at the end of year 6 to attend Alderley Edge School for Girls. I thought you would be interested to know that on Friday I was appointed Head Girl at Alderley Edge. Without Wilmslow Prep I would not be where I am today. I have some wonderful memories from Wilmslow Prep, for example the school play in year 6 where the whole of the Junior School put on the production of Oliver! The visit to York to study the Vikings in year 4 was our first ever trip away from our parents and I think was our most exciting trip yet.

You are a Head Master of a wonderful, caring and fun loving school and some days I really wish I was back in Reception rather than the stress of Lower Sixth!

Please pass on my good wishes to all the staff who remember me.

Kind Regards

Cerys Owen

September 2009 – Debbie

Dear Sharon

I was so impressed by the enthusiasm shown by Mr Reynolds and his
staff on a tour of the school, that I did not hesitate in enrolling
Hannah that afternoon for her to start the following day. She is only
3 and has settled in remarkably well.

I must say a big ’thank you’ to Mrs Taylor and all her staff in the
kitchen, Hannah has special dietary needs and cannot wait to tell me
what pudding she has had at lunch time!

Here’s to many happy years at Wilmslow Prep.

Kind regards

September 2009 – Jacqui Connolly

Dear Governors

Having spent a wonderful day at the Centenary Celebration Family Fun Day it made Paul and I reflect on the development we have seen in Lydia over the last few years. She joined WPS a shy, quiet little girl who didn’t want to start school. With the care and encouragement from the dedicated staff she soon became eager to go each day to meet her lovely friends and join in the days activities for learning. Lydia is now confident and opinionated, not always a good thing when we have to negotiate chocolate eating requirements, but she does surprise us with her knowledge and understanding of the many varied topics covered.

We are keen supporters of the family environment at WPS so were a concerned last year when it was announced that the much loved Mrs Shaw would retire in July 2009. Now into yet another school year it is clear to see what an excellent choice Mr Reynolds is to follow on from Mrs Shaw and we are pleased to say Lydia is still happy to go to school each day.

Well done and best regards

Jacqui Connolly

July 2009 – M. Withers

My youngest daughter has just left Form 6 to go on to Manchester High School for Girls. Her older sister joined Form 3 when we moved into the area and has now just graduated from Bristol University with an excellent degree. Both girls were extremely happy at the school which enabled them to mature at their own pace. Rhian, the older girl, has a very late August birthday. I loved the fact that by being part of a ‘Prep’ school, and not in a junior department of a big senior school, they could be in the playground playing at age 10 and not necessarily rushing to an organized activity . They also had the opportunity to enjoy that halcyon period after the entrance exams when they were top of the school and all kinds of opportunities were on offer. The trip to France is an obvious example.

In my opinion, the school offers a package which will give a girl a good education, a happy and secure environment for learning and an introduction to a wide range of activities and disciplines which she may choose to develop in her senior school. My daughter and many of her classmates have been selected to play for their senior school hockey or netball teams within the first term of their arrival at the secondary school. Certainly, the French that they learnt at WPS gave them a head start over their peers. The WPS orchestra and choir has given Bethan a love of music that I am determined to foster. In fact she sang in the Manchester High School Choir at the Bridgewater Hall only a few weeks after joining the school.

Some of my closest friends are the parents of Rhian’s classmates at Wilmslow Preparatory School. In fact, just before she went off to university, I used her Leavers Book to contact all the girls and 17 /20 girls enjoyed a meal at a local pizzeria. They were just about to head off to some of the top universities in the country. I am in no doubt that the foundations laid in their preparatory school were a major contribution to their success.

I am sure that during a child’s passage through a school there will be some teachers who are inspiring for them and other who are not quite so impressive but it is the package that is ‘Wilmslow Preparatory School’ that delivers. For those parents that have faith in the system their daughters will be, like mine, richly rewarded.

M. Withers

May 2009 – John

Dear Mrs Shaw

I am writing to show my appreciation for the work your staff and yourself have done with my daughter Francesca.

Seeing her perform at the recent concert and The Alderley Edge festival filled me with great pride as to how well she is doing at school and how confident she is becoming. This is a far cry from the quiet and shy girl we dropped off nearly 6 yrs ago!!
The way she has developed is a credit to you all at WPS and many thanks.
Please pass my thanks to her form and drama teachers.

Kind Regards