All pupils are required to wear school uniform which is supplied by Monkhouse Schoolwear. You can purchase all you’ll need at their shop at The Shopping Centre, Cheadle Hulme SK8 5BE, Tel: 0161 488 3411 or online via the web link at

Details of the complete uniform and accessory requirements for both girls and boys are to be found below:


Uniform List

Kindergarten (Optional):

 Girls:                                                                                      Boys:

Winter                                    Summer                                  Winter/Summer                       

Green/white blouse                  Summer dress                        White shirt (long/short)

Pinafore dress                         White ankle socks                    Sweater

Sweater or cardigan                 Black leather shoes                Grey trousers (long/short)

Fawn socks/tights (1)               School blazer                          Grey socks

Black leather shoes                  Summer boater hat                 Black leather shoes

Green school coat                    Cardigan                                  School cap

Winter hat                                  WPS sun hat                          School blazer

School blazer                           School cagoule                        School cagoule

WPS woolly hat                                                                         WPS woolly hat

School cagoule                                                                         WPS sun hat


White polo shirt

Green jogging bottoms

Green WPS hooded sweatshirt

Black school shoes

Green poly/cotton lunch overall*

Black velcro pumps

All hair accessories should be green, white or brown

* please sew a loop into this to help your child hang it on her peg.


Your child will also need:

A WPS book bag

A WPS pump bag

A WPS sunhat

These items are available from School.



 1 pump bag containing:

1 pair of black pumps or plain white training shoes (non marking)

1 green skort (for P.E. – girls)

1 pair of green shorts (for P.E. – boys)

1 House polo shirt

School hooded sweatshirt

Jogging bottoms

1 hairbrush or comb

1 spare pair of School socks

1 green lunch overall


School uniform:

Girls:                                                                                      Boys:

Winter                                    Summer                                  Winter/Summer                      

Green/white blouse                 Summer dress                         White shirt (long/short)

Pinafore dress                         White ankle socks                    School cagoule

Sweater or cardigan                Black leather shoes                  Sweater

Fawn socks/tights                    School blazer                          Grey trousers (long/short)

Black leather shoes                 Summer boater hat                  Grey socks

School blazer                           Cardigan                                  Black leather shoes

Winter hat                                 School cagoule                        School cap

School cagoule                        WPS sun hat                            School blazer

WPS woolly hat                                                                         WPS sun hat

WPS backpack                                                                          WPS woolly hat

Book bag


All hair accessories should be green, white or brown



1 pump bag containing:

1 pair of white lace up pumps or plain white training shoes (non marking)

1 green P.E. skort (for P.E – girls). 1 pair of green shorts (for P.E – boys)

1 black leotard (for P.E – girls)

1 white House polo shirt

1 School track suit

1 hair brush or comb

1 spare pair of School socks

1 spare pair of pants

1 green art overall

1 mouth guard

1 pair of hockey shin pads


Pencils, felt tipped pens/pencil crayons, rubber, glue stick.

 School uniform:

Girls:                                                                             Boys:

 Winter                                    Summer                        Winter/Summer

Beige shirt                               Summer dress                Beige shirt (long/short)

School tie                                Cardigan                        Sweater

Green pleated skirt                  White ankle socks          Grey trousers (long/short)

Sweater or cardigan                Black leather shoes        Grey socks (with green trim)

Fawn socks/tights                    School blazer                 Black leather shoes

Black leather shoes                 WPS sun hat                  School cap

School blazer                                                                 School blazer

Winter hat                                                                      School cagoule

School cagoule                                                              WPS woolly hat

WPS woolly hat                                                             WPS sun hat


All hair accessories should be green, white or brown


We have backpacks, woolly hats, tights, sun hats, green poly/cotton lunch overalls, book bags, pump bags & music bags in School.


All other items of uniform should be clearly named. All other items are available from the Cheadle Hulme branch of Monkhouse. Orders can also be made online at


In addition there is a Second Hand Uniform Shop at School run by the Parents’ Committee. For further details, please contact your Form Representative